About Us

Shluchim Social, were the social Shluchim goes!

If you are looking for experts, with over 10 years of experience in their respected fields, high quality, outstanding services, great prices, and a huge varity, check out where the Social Shluchim goes.
Shluchim Social is a full service design and solution provider, offering everything a social Shluchim needs to reach out, expand their audience, and make every campaign an amazing campaign! Let us help you with your design, web, marketing, video, animation, programing, and e-commerce needs.

Using our Shluchim.Social website, you only need to simply select a design template or bundle, customize your desired fields, and you’re ready to go! No wait, no hassle, customize-and-go. Need additional customization? Want advance edits? Or perhaps you need a tailored solution for your event or campaign? No problem, our team of experts are ready and eager to assist you, with average reply time of under 24 hours!

Why choose Shluchim.Social?

  • Enjoy saving hundreds of dollars for campaign designs with our DIY bundles.
  • No-wait marketing materials and bundles.
  • Immediate preview of hundreds ready to customize-and-go designs.
  • Industry leading professionals, with oiver 10 years of real world experience, within your reach for all of your needs.
  • Professional designs and services made affordable for non-profits & small businesses.For additional information, feel free to chat with us, or send us an email.